OCTOBER 28TH & 29TH | Virtual Event




You’re invited to join The Dinner Group’s annual Men of Color conference. This year we will focus on (Accountability) Ourselves, Organizations & Society.

During this two-day conference we will reflect on the past 17 months and take stock on what has been accomplished, lessons learned and remaining areas of opportunity.

You will have the opportunity to broaden your network, gain industry insights and hear from individuals that are making a significant positive impact on communities of color.



Minnesota’s Attorney General


Author | Ordained Minister | Radio Host


CEO | Point32Health



President & CEO of El Mundo Media

Master of Ceremony   


Open Conference & Keynote with Eric Thomas (E.T. Inspires) | 2:00 – 3:00 pm est

Eric Thomas is a critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator and pastor who has taken the- world by storm, with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life. ET, as he is better known, has created a huge following and is the go-to motivational speaker for Men of Color. One of his many admirers, Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons says “ET is a ball of light. His energy, his inspiration, the way he views life and way he can inspire so many people just by is words is huge“. Join us to be inspired by the Eric Thomas.

Black & Latino CEO’s Panel Discussion | 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Moderator: Rob Perez, Operating Partner General Atlantic & Founder and Chairman of Life Sciences Cares


Nathaniel Smith, Founder and Chief Equity Officer/CEO Partnership for Southern Equity – See attached

Corey Thomas, Chairman & CEO Rapid 7

Andrey Zarur, Co-Founder and the President & CEO Greenlight Biosciences

Dr. Christopher Howard, President Robert Morris University

Juan Carlos, Founder & Managing Partner Surfside Advisors 

In this session you will have the opportunity to hear from Black and Latino CEO’s from a variety of industries. They will describe their ascent to becoming CEO’s, how they navigated successes and failures, their advice to African American and Latino men as well as their responsibilities to serve black and brown communities. Additionally, they will discuss their “why” and how they have stayed focused on their goals. 

Closing the Wealth Gap | 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Moderator: Kirk Sykes  see attached for Bio, picture below


Valerie Mosley, Founder & CEO Valmo Ventures 

Darryl settles  – see attached 

Sydney Sykes, Co-Founder BLCK VC

David Walker, Senior Vice President Portfolio Manager, U.S. Trust

The Racial wealth gap is worsening. A recent national study by McKinsey & Co., Black and Latino Americans can expect to earn up to $1 million less than White Americans over their lifetime. The median white family had more than 10 times the wealth of the median black family and the median wealth for Latino families is $20,700 versus $171,000 for whites. What can Black and Latino communities do to combat these economic disparities. We have assembled a panel of experts in the Banking, Investment and financial services field to discuss how these economic disparities continue to persist and ways we as Latino and Black men can work to bring about change

Career Strategies that Work- Panel Discussion | 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Moderator: Jerry Cox – Gerard Cox, PHD & Associates

  • Marquis Jackson – Senior Director Partnership Marketing and Business Solutions, Miami Dolphins
  • Andrew Kelley – Chief Commercial Officer, BoxLock –  
  • Athelstan Bellerand – Director of Strategy and Business Performance at Tufts Health Plan
  • Roger Guzman – Sr. Manager Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partners Health Care  

In this session the Panelists will discuss strategies they have employed in their career that have been keys to their success. They will delve into obstacles they have faced and the tactics used to overcome. By way of their experience, hear about pitfalls you should avoid as you look to progress in your career.

TDG Networking – “Find your Room” | 6:00 – 7:00 pm

The Men’s Dinner group was founded on the principle of fostering strong relationships amongst Men of Color. We provide a platform (we call it our country club) that allows men of color to connect with each other in a safe non-judgmental environment. These networking events are the foundation of the Men’s Dinner Group engagements. Although we are not able to come together and network face to face, we are creating the networking experience in this virtual environment.

The Election is Over, What Now? – Bakari Sellers & Mo Cowan | 2:00 – 3:00 pm est

The election is now over. How will the outcome impact the lives of Latino and Black Men. Bakari Sellers is a former State senator from South Carolina and one of the leading Black political voices of his generation. Mo Cowan was appointed by Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts to serve as the United States Senator filling the seat left by John Kerry in 2013. Bakari and Mo will provide their Non Partisan opinion on the election and what we should expect from the old or new administration

Restorative Justice & Re-Entry – Panel Discussion | 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Moderator: Adam Foss, Executive Director, Prosecuter Impact


  • Aqeela Sherrills – Co-Founder (w/Jim Brown) of Amer-I-can
  • Victor Dickson – Founder & CEO, Safer Foundation
  • Alvin Bragg – Manhattan District Attorney Candidate

What must change to ensure that our returning Brothers and Sisters are able to reintegrate back into society without barriers. This panel discussion will focus on what must change in the justice system, community, corporations and within the individual to allow for a successful return after a sentence has been served.

Corporate Responsibility in these times CHROs & CDOs – Pane Discussion | 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Moderator: Anthony Flynn, Founder Amazing CEO – Did you receive any of these Bios directly from the panelists?

Chris Winton – SVP Human Resources, FedEx

Dawn Frazier-Bohnert – SVP Global Diversity & Inclusion, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Stephanie Payne – SVP & Chief Human Resources, Sodexo

Colleen Richards Powell – VP, Corporate Citizenship and Diversity , MFS Investment Management    

Clint Wallace – SVP Human Resources, Sanofi North America

The panel will share:

  • How their C-Suite leaders are ensuring equity within their organizations
  • Their perspective on removing barriers to entry for returning citizens
  • What recruiting and retention efforts are they driving
  • Steps they are taking to help diversify their company’s Board of Directors
  • How can HR and DEI partner together to bring about change
  • New Initiatives to address equity

Career Marketplace | 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Conference attendees can Join our corporate partners in individual virtual company rooms to learn about that organization and current career opportunities. This is an opportunity for companies to engage candidates of color across all disciplines. And enhance their brand with professionals of color


Guest Speakers


Change Agents